It is part of the Depaul Croatia social entrepreneurship program, which includes the activity of providing services to citizens, organisations and institutions – by our users. Giving is mutual. The hands of our users are given: they work, they help, they create. The hands of those who ask for the service are also given: they help the time they ask and accept from our customers.


Depaul Croatia is focused on helping the homeless and people at risk of homelessness. Our motto is: “Take good care of the homeless”.

Important steps in realising this vision relate to the effective activation of the homeless and people at risk of homelessness and in social entrepreneurship, based on sustainable development and the principles of self-sustainability.

In order to prevent long-term homelessness, through this program, we offer a creative and innovative decision that encourages positive social change.

The Depaul Croatia social entrepreneurship program takes place in several areas. The first is the provision of a service – work activation and employment called “Hands that are given”.

Work activation in the social entrepreneurship program refers to the offer of services that our customers provide to the local community, and time gradually creates the foundation for a fundamental return to the world of work and resocialisation.

This program is complementary to other Depaul Croatia programs, namely: day centre for the homeless Haven House, outreach services, therapeutic program “Healed for Freedom” and the project “Be-garden “.

Depaul Croatia social entrepreneurship program is in line with the mission of St. Vincent de Paul, who says that God is loved “in the sweat of the brow and the work of the hands” so that, like him, we can be “people spent for others.” To work, to wear out by doing good to the most marginalised in our society is the vision of Depaul Croatia.


The goals of including users of the Depaul Hrvatske service in a social enterprise are:

create a financial base to address the housing issue and find more permanent employment

prevention of long-term homelessness by early intervention with an adapted approach and support to enable people on the fringes of society to work activation and resocialisation


If you have a need for certain services we offer call, send us an inquiry by e-mail or visit us in the day centre Haven House.

The service is arranged with the employees of Depaul Croatia, who are also mentors of the person performing the service.

The service is paid by the hour or per service performed: transactionally – to the account of the Association or in cash – personally to the mentor-companion. We assume an invoice for all services. The amount paid finances the salaries of our beneficiaries – the person participating in the program.

It is important to note: when performing services, the tool or equipment of Depaul Croatia is used. But for the purchase and renovation of our tools donations, payments to the account of the Association are welcome, regardless of the services provided.


Lawn mowing (hand mower, electric or motor)
Trimming green areas (mowing weeds, inaccessible green areas, thorns…) with a motor or electric trimmer
Hedge pruning with minimal intervention
Watering the garden
Land excavation
More complex horticultural activities
Garden cleaning work (garbage removal, etc.)
Cleaning the exterior with a high pressure cleaner
Wood splitting
Going to the store and delivering groceries
Maintenance of the grave site
Relocation assistance
Transport of new furniture by floors
Painting works
And the rest – by agreement – according to your needs and our possibilities.


Day Centre Haven House: Ulica obitelji Duiz after no. 8, Rijeka
phone: 051 672 933
Katarina Radić Grbac
Ivana Šain