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Volunteer in the  kitchen
I became a volunteer in Haven House when I felt that I have a few hours which I would like to use somewhere and do something useful. When I retired I understood that a book that I read, or a walk by the seaside could not fulfil my soul. I wanted to give something of my soul to the others. I consider that was the work of God’s Providence. Our Haven House, the day centre, is a home of a family in which people feel good by being together. All of us who volunteer there come to the community to give ourselves, by saying something positive, by offering a bowl of soup. I do not know how much I mean to them, to the clients, but whatever happens there, as much work we do, I leave the House fulfiled.
Petra night bench
Our needy persons are sometimes hidden among the passers-by on the streets of our city, and sometimes they are lonely somewhere in the sidelines. We recognise them, look for them, and they wait for us. We know that for their step forward in life it is necessary that we walk towards and with them. That is why we do this with gratitude, each Tuesday evening.
I am a final year student of social pedagogy and a volunteer in Depaul Croatia. Their Haven House became my House as well. And as it happens with houses, life in them is very interesting. After a while, it is known exactly who prefers coffee and who prefers tea, who likes to think in silence, and who has a lot to tell, who is in a hurry and who will take a nap after lunch. And when I am not in Rijeka for a long time, I still know that I can come and visit our House again. I know that he will greet me and say: “Here you are! When will you come again?” So who wouldn’t want to come back? Over time, a person forgets that he is a “volunteer” or someone with any title. Volunteer simply – becomes a friend.
My name is Nikola Kurti, I am a professional photographer, a husband, and a father of two daughters. The beginnings of my support for the work of the Sisters of Charity with the homeless, and later for the work of Depaul Croatia, date back to 1992, when I came to Rijeka and began to develop my photographic activity here. I did this because I really appreciate what the sisters do, I appreciate themselves – their vocation, and that’s why I wanted to help them. I wanted to make it easier for them – in what they do. Because I know what it means to take care of food every day, buy food and other necessities for family life. It is not just a financial investment, it is not just to spend and give: the whole person enters into it all. And that is exactly what the sisters give – their whole selves; this is what gives Depaul Croatia in collaboration with them.
My name is Katarina Radić Grbac, I am an employee in Depaul Croatia. The experience of working in Depaul Croatia is an experience of working with people that is equally challenging, but also motivating. Although the goal of the work is to dedicate oneself to the other, the needy neighbour, it is impossible to come out of it unchanged; it seems to me that in many ways a person becomes more aware of his own limitations, but also of possible potentials, thus becoming certainly a better, better version of oneself. The individual growth of the individual is also a reflection of the condition of the collective itself; there are multiple connections that we establish with each other, thus growing through each other. My job is my own pleasure, and all in the hope of benefit and meaning with the desire to provide the best I can give where I can give.