We first met Borna five years ago, during regular outreach work – an evening tour of the city. We found him half-naked, neglected, hungry and lonely, in a small area near the railway station, where he sought shelter and a roof over his head. We remember his warm eyes and timid look that peeked out from the darkness, behind the bars. We visited him regularly every week: we brought him meals, clothes and hygiene items. He had difficulty communicating, using short and sparse sentences because he was lonely, withdrawn and had no contact with the environment and other people. The weight of life and loneliness directed him to alcohol: he became an addict. We began to walk with him – to follow his life’s steps towards the assurance that he would never again be alone and abandoned in his needs and concerns. So – for months and years!

With patience and not giving up on the person, we built mutual trust and Borna came to the Haven House two years after our first meeting. Since then, he stays with us every day and is involved in various activities. He reduced his alcohol intake, improved his communication skills and found friends. We helped him achieve all his social rights, health insurance and find a doctor. After his improved physical health, Borna became active at H-Garden and got the opportunity to occasionally earn money on his own through the social entrepreneurship program Lending Hand. As much as his fragile health allows. We also established contact with his sisters and accompanied him when he met one of them. He regularly participates in catechesis for adults on Sundays and shares with us his experiences of faith, hope and love.

Although he is still homeless, Borna’s life has changed a lot and we still dream of a future where he will have a home.