We are facing the end of a calendar year that was important for Depaul Croatia in many areas. We carried out our activities in three areas: through the services of the Day Centre Haven House, outreach work and work activation in the H-Garden project and the implementation of social entrepreneurship programs.

In January 2021, in addition to the existing services, medical pedicure and kinesiotherapy services were introduced in the Haven House. The implementation of a specialised program for alcohol addicts called “Healed for Freedom” (2nd year of the program, MRMSOSP) continued. In a special way, this year the health services came to the fore, which increased significantly in number, and in addition their quality was improved and they are performed by a senior nurse, with the cooperation of a general practitioner.

The program of outreach work in 2021, in addition to the existing night tour of the center of Rijeka on Tuesdays, has expanded with the introduction of daily external work which includes visits to users’ homes, mentoring in maintaining space hygiene and planning (cleaning). In addition, individual mentoring of external work users (individual psychosocial support) is provided.

The second year of the Be-vrt project (a project aimed at increasing the employability of marginalised groups, funded by the European Union – ESF) included formal education of participants / beneficiaries with certificates (10 people). The project also includes other users of our services (30 people) and during the year various formal and informal trainings were conducted in cooperation with educators – experts (agronomists). The goal of education is further development of skills for growing seedlings. We also develop the production of other related products. We have also started a bread processing program (“St. Vincent’s Bread”), which is a production aspect of social entrepreneurship. In April, the “Lending Hands” program, also part of social entrepreneurship, began. This program includes the provision of various types of services to institutions and citizens (eg. cleaning services, landscaping, etc.).

At the end of 2021, a contract was signed for the project “You are not alone with us” – a day care center program for the homeless and the elderly at risk of homelessness worth HRK 973,399.48, funded by the European Union – ESF. The Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family and Social Policy has approved funding for a two-year program called “Homeless Care” aimed at increasing employability and achieving accommodation capacity, which began in September 2021.

In 2021, more than 25,000 meals were distributed, more than 2,500 personal hygiene services were provided, more than 700 health care services were provided, more than 4,500 volunteer hours and more than 1,200 external work services were provided.

This year, up to 70 people used our services every day; more than 100 per month, more than 250 per year.

The indicators of our work this year are mostly visible in the creative aspect of Vincentian mission. Love is creative up to infinity, said Vincent de Paul. The ingenuity of the all-round development of our services is born from the communion of clients, volunteers, employees, associates, our supporters and benefactors. To listen to those to whom we are sent, and in communion with them to build our common work of love for the poorest: Depaul Croatia.

Thank you!