At the beginning of May, Depaul Croatia launched the “Lend a Hand” program as part of a broader social entrepreneurship program. The goal is to activate the clients of our services by providing opportunities to perform a range of activities that includes a range of services we provide to citizens and institutions. The goal of this program is to help the homeless and people at risk of homelessness and on the brink of basic living. Each assigned job is performed under the supervision of mentors who supervise the work team and help clients with the execution of works. Our initial jobs were arranging private lawns and backyards. Just as no beginning is easy, so was this one; we reluctantly decided to accept all the jobs offered at the time and roll up our sleeves and get down to business. Day by day, with each new assignment, we became an increasingly skilled work team, rediscovering our own talents and skills that we did not even know existed by adopting an increasingly harmonious work rhythm that raised the quality of performance practice. So far, we have learned in the activities of mowing and trimming green areas, pruning hedges, making flower beds, planting seedlings of medicinal and ornamental plants, cleaning houses and yards from waste, clearing overgrown areas, stacking wood for the winter, etc. We look forward to new challenges and hope that this program will help our beneficiaries get out of the abyss of poverty by giving them a hand – an opportunity to create a better tomorrow.

Here are a few comments about our services’ delivery:

In June of this year, I heard about Depaul Croatia’s  “Lend a Hand” program and the services provided by their users based on the said program. I was especially interested in the lawn mowing service and I arranged the same. The mowing service was performed by Depaul Croatia’s client, accompanied by a mentor. I would like to recommend the client and his mentors for mowing my lawn. They were very meticulous, they tried to do everything properly. All praises!!! I will definitely hire them again when I need to.
(Jasmina Fabac, Drazice)

Thank you for a job well done, for helping with arranging the flower beds and hedges. Thanks to  Ms. Katarina and Ms. Ivana for their dedication and help to people who unfortunately do not have their own home and job, as well as to the clients who participated in doing the work. I support the action of Depaul Croatia and will recommend their services to friends and acquaintances. Good luck and success in further work.
(D.Š., Podhum)

We are absolutely satisfied with the work done. The guys did everything as agreed, at full steam and in the end I was only sorry that I didn’t take a picture of the condition of the yard before and after the works. It used to be practically a jungle of thorns, tangled branches and wires, created due to many years of non-maintenance of the tenants’ gardens, and now everything is cleared and tidy. I warmly recommend anyone thinking of doing something good for the environment of their house or building, to do two good deeds in one, and take care of the environment while supporting the “Lend a Hand” initiative.
(Anamarija B., Rijeka – Center)