My name is Katarina Radić Grbac, I am an employee in Depaul Croatia. The experience of working in Depaul Croatia is an experience of working with people that is equally challenging, but also motivating. Although the goal of the work is to dedicate oneself to the other, the needy neighbour, it is impossible to come out of it unchanged; it seems to me that in many ways a person becomes more aware of his own limitations, but also of possible potentials, thus becoming certainly a better, better version of oneself. The individual growth of the individual is also a reflection of the condition of the collective itself; there are multiple connections that we establish with each other, thus growing through each other. My job is my own pleasure, and all in the hope of benefit and meaning with the desire to provide the best I can give where I can give.

My specific task in Depaul Croatia is to lead the H-Garden project. Organizationally demanding, H-Garden is a day-to-day project; imaginative, but also a very concrete reflection of the joint work of a group of people who create through an idea that connects them in one; find their own obstacles and through work activity reach the goal that connects them – a beautiful place where different experiences and ideas merge, all in favour of motivation as a basic prerequisite for an even stronger and more persistent pledge. Our garden is the victory of the small over the large; over prejudices, adversities and ignorance, over all that even the very attempt to overcome them often makes impossible. Empowered by the greenery of natural beauty, we witness the fruits of our labor, but both in the material and in the much more important one; the inner contentment and peace that only healthy fatigue of accomplished constructive purpose can fill.

Katarina Radić Grbac